The ABILITY to TRANSFORM coronary artery disease treatment: innovative nanotechnology-based sirolimus DES and DCB platforms

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Coronary Interventions

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  • To understand the application and mechanism of a sirolimus coated balloon for coronary artery disease treatment with case presentations in complex settings
  • To understand how useful is a DES and DCB stent platform in complex coronary artery disease settings with case demonstrations and follow-up in diabetes mellitus
  • To look at the technology behind the products, what the key data suggest and important takeaways from case permutations

Anchorperson: Alexandre Abizaid

Moderator: Marco Valgimigli

Discussants: Fazila Malik, Patrick W. Serruys, Luca Testa

Chatmaster: Damiano Regazzoli

Speakers: Sandeep Basavarajaiah

Session objectives

Alexandre Abizaid

Experience with Abluminus DES+: pre-procedure and cases from ABILITY Diabetes Global

Fazila Malik

OCT and angio follow-up with the Abluminus DES+: cases from the Ability randomised clinical trial

Luca Testa

Long term follow-up on the Abluminus DES+

Kumar Prathap

Discussion and audience interaction
Introduction of MagicTouch - Mechanism of balloon angioplasty in the era of drug-coated balloon

Patrick W. Serruys

Long term follow-up - Case and remodeling MagicTouch SCB

Sandeep Basavarajaiah

Discussion and audience interaction
Key takeaways - Learnings and data for MagicTouch SCB and Abluminus DES

Marco Valgimigli

Session evaluation and key learnings

Alexandre Abizaid