Bifurcation PCI: new consensus from the Academic Research Consortium and the European Bifurcation Club

Bifurcation lesion
Coronary Interventions

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  • To review the essential practical messages from the new Bif-ARC and EBC consensus
  • To learn about new concepts on bifurcation PCI from diagnosis to follow-up
  • To understand how Bif-ARC recommendations can help you approach bifurcation lesions in a systematic way

Anchorperson: Patrick W. Serruys

Moderator: Jens Flensted Lassen

Procedural Analyst: Mattia Lunardi

Discussants: Francesco Burzotta, Yves Louvard

Chatmaster: Scot Garg

Discussion and audience interaction
Other categories of bifurcation studies?

Patrick W. Serruys

What's happened to our patient?

Patrick W. Serruys

Bifurcation case example revascularization procedure and follow-up

Mattia Lunardi

Follow-up for bifurcation lesions

Patrick W. Serruys

Questions from the onsite and digital audience