CathWorks FFRangio - Enhancing patient care

Sponsored by Medtronic and CathWorks
Coronary Interventions
Other coronary interventions
Room Maillot

Anchorperson: Rasha Al-Lamee

Spokesperson: Ajay Kirtane

Discussants: Stephane Fournier, Juan F. Iglesias

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  • To understand how FFRangio derives valuable insights from routine angiograms
  • To understand how incorporating FFRangio-guided decisions can improve patient care
  • To explore the practical application of FFRangio in routine practice
Session objectives

Rasha Al-Lamee

Why physiology is important

Rasha Al-Lamee

From angiograms to insights - The science behind FFRangio

Stephane Fournier

Discussion and audience interaction
European experience integrating FFRangio into clinical practice

Juan F. Iglesias

Discussion and audience interaction
Establishing FFRangio as the new standard of care

Ajay Kirtane

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Ajay Kirtane