Contemporary TAVI: the VISION of lifetime management

Sponsored by Abbott
Interventions for Valvular Disease
Tools and Technique
Theatre Havane

Anchorperson: Darren Mylotte

Spokesperson: Ole De Backer

Discussants: Chiara De Biase, Danny Dvir, Gilbert Tang, Maurizio Taramasso

Chatmaster: Fadi Sawaya

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  • To understand how pre-procedural assessment is used to optimise procedural results
  • To learn how to select the right valve for each patient
  • To discuss the important features of TAVI technology to achieve best long-term patient outcomes
Session objectives

Darren Mylotte

Case presentation

Gilbert Tang

Procedural plan

Gilbert Tang

Recorded case

Gilbert Tang

Heart team discussion on presented case
Session evaluation and key learnings

Darren Mylotte