The current role of paclitaxel DCB in PCI

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Coronary Interventions

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  • To understand the role of paclitaxel DCB in modern era interventional cardiology
  • To learn how to correctly prepare the lesion and obtain the best from this technology on the long term
  • To understand the differences and advantages versus DES

Anchorperson: Bernardo Cortese

Moderator: Robert Byrne

Discussants: Fernando Alfonso Manterola, Tuomas Rissanen, Ron Waksman

Chatmaster: Tom Adriaenssens

Speakers: Miroslaw Ferenc, John Graham, Raban Jeger, Antonio Micari

Session objectives

Bernardo Cortese

Paclitaxel and supposed increased risk of mortality, two years later

Antonio Micari

Update in paclitaxel DCB indications in de novo lesions and ACS

Raban Jeger

Complex case with angiographic follow-up - Lumen gain

John Graham

Discussion and audience interaction
DCB application in the complex lesion setting

Bernardo Cortese

Complex case with angiographic follow-up - Dissection healing

Miroslaw Ferenc

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Bernardo Cortese