Elevating quality of heart valve treatment through innovation: SAPIEN 3 Ultra RESILIA and EVOQUE valve systems

Sponsored by Edwards Lifesciences
Interventions for Valvular Disease
Tricuspid / Pulmonary valve
Tools and Technique
Edwards Lifesciences
Theatre Bleu

Anchorperson: Bernard Prendergast

Spokespersons: Jörg Hausleiter, Michael Joner

Discussants: Kentaro Hayashida, Maria Isabel Koerber, Raj Makkar, Radoslaw Parma, Volker Rudolph, Rahul Sharma, Giuseppe Tarantini

Operators: Theresa Gossler, Pilar Jimenez Quevedo, Philipp Lurz, Luis Nombela-Franco, Tobias Friedrich Ruf

Medical coordinator: Elias Hellou

Watch this session if you want

  • To understand how the Sapien 3 Ultra Resilia valve can be used to improve the lifetime management of your patients
  • To discuss the new treatment options that the EVOQUE valve offers, and which patients might benefit the most
  • To learn from the very early experience that your colleagues have already gained regarding these new valves/technologies

Bernard Prendergast

RESILIA tissue - Why it will improve the lifetime management of all patients

Rahul Sharma

Patient presentation

Michael Joner

Heart team discussion
Operator strategy

Bernard Prendergast

LIVE Case procedure from Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Madrid - Spain
Patient presentation

Jörg Hausleiter

Imaging analysis

Maria Isabel Koerber

Heart team discussion
LIVE Case procedure from University Medical Center, Mainz - Germany
Key learnings

Bernard Prendergast