Embrace the innovation in PCI and TAVR: Robocath R-One vascular robot for PCI in China, MicroPort Firehawk TES stent and VitaFlow valve

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  • To learn the clinical performance of Firehawk Family stent in STEMI patients evaluated by imaging tools
  • To learn the features and benefits of PCI robot R-ONE and first clinical trial updates in China
  • To learn the five-year clinical results of VitaFlow Transcatheter Aortic Valve System

Anchorperson: Andreas Baumbach

Moderator: Pieter Smits

Discussant: Bo Xu

Chatmaster: Wei Liu

Speakers: Yundai Chen, Mao Chen, Ling Tao

Session objectives

Andreas Baumbach

PCI Robot R-ONE: progress from the China pivotal study

Yundai Chen

Discussion and audience interaction
Firehawk stent in STEMI: primary endpoint results from TARGET STEMI OCT China trial

Ling Tao

Discussion and audience interaction
VitaFlow in severe aortic stenosis patient: five-year clinical outcomes

Mao Chen

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Pieter Smits