How do I confidently expand my DCB practice?

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Coronary Interventions
Stents, scaffolds and DCB
Case in Point
Room 252B

Anchorperson: Flavio Luciano Ribichini

Spokesperson: Bruno Scheller

Discussants: Fausto Castriota, David Hildick-Smith, Kambis Mashayekhi, Tiong Kiam Ong

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  • To identify appropriate lesions for DCB treatment
  • To learn about the basic concepts needed for a good DCB PCI immediate result
  • To learn about the long-term angiographic and clinical results of DCB PCI
Session objectives

Flavio Luciano Ribichini

Lesion selection and preparation for DCB PCI

David Hildick-Smith

Discussion and audience interaction
Analysis of the immediate result of the DCB PCI

Tiong Kiam Ong

Discussion and audience interaction
Rationale for the benefits at long term, and commented images of late positive remodeling

Bruno Scheller

Session evaluation and key learnings

Flavio Luciano Ribichini