Hypertension management in 2022: control it, live longer

Renal denervation
Interventions for Hypertension

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  • To appreciate the impact of hypertension
  • To discuss established and novel treatment option for hypertension
  • To learn more about recent clinical data on renal denervation

Anchorperson: Felix Mahfoud

Moderator: Lucas Lauder

Discussants: Michel Azizi, William Wijns

Chatmaster: Sofie Brouwers

Session objectives

Felix Mahfoud

Discussion and audience interaction
Renal denervation increases time in target range: SPYRAL-HTN ON MED 3 year data

David Kandzari

Discussion and audience interaction
Patient-level pooled analysis of ultrasound RDN in radiance-HTN SOLO and Trio

Ajay Kirtane

Discussion and audience interaction
Blood pressure and MACE reductions after renal denervation: 3-year GSR results

Felix Mahfoud

Discussion and audience interaction
Where does renal denervation fit the management of hypertension as of today?

Thomas F. Lüscher

Session evaluation and key learnings

Felix Mahfoud