Imaging in LAA occlusion: from planning to final assessment

Sponsored by Abbott, FEops & GE Healthcare
LAA Closure
Interventions for Stroke
Focus on Imaging

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  • To learn about imaging supporting LAA occlusion procedure
  • To understand the value of imaging techniques for procedure planning
  • To learn how to combine different imaging techniques to guide the procedure

Anchorperson: Christoph Hammerstingl

Moderator: Philippe Garot

Onsite Chatmaster: Nina Wunderlich

Discussants: Jacqueline Saw, Nina Wunderlich

Operators: Xavier Freixa, Ander Regueiro, Laura Sanchis

Medical Control Desk: Rafal Wolny

Session objectives

Christoph Hammerstingl

Patient presentation

Christoph Hammerstingl

Strategic and technical discussion of the LIVE case
LAA occlusion with the use of FEops

Philippe Garot

Imaging analysis

Laura Sanchis

Key objectives, strategy, tools and techniques
LIVE case procedure from Hospital Clinic - Barcelona, Spain
Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Christoph Hammerstingl