Innovations in TMVR and Intrepid trial updates

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Interventions for Valvular Disease
Mitral valve replacement and repair
Room 241

Anchorperson: Alison Duncan

Discussants: Timothy John Byrne, Mohammed Nejjari, Michael Reardon, Hendrik Treede, Ralph Stephan

Watch this session if you want

  • To gain insights on the APOLLO TMVR trial
  • To better understand the treatment goals of mitral regurgitation elimination
  • To learn about early APOLLO EU trial experience
Session objectives

Alison Duncan

APOLLO EU and Intrepid TF updates and lessons learned

Ralph Stephan Von Bardeleben

Patient screening with mitral annular calcification for TMVR

Hendrik Treede

Discussion and audience interaction
29 Fr case reviews

Mohammed Nejjari

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Alison Duncan