Left main bifurcation stenting: LIVE case from Institut Cardiovasculaire Paris Sud - Massy, France

Bifurcation lesion
Left main and multivessel disease
Coronary Interventions

Anchorperson: Huay Cheem Tan

Moderator: Maciej Lesiak

Procedural Analyst: Ziad Ali

Onsite Chatmaster: Andreas Baumbach

Discussants: Daniele Giacoppo, Andrejs Erglis , Philippe Kolh, Roxana Mehran, Eliano Navarese, Marko Noc

Operators: Hakim Benamer, Francesca Sanguineti

Medical Control Desk: Christopher Allen

Session objectives

Huay Cheem Tan

Patient presentation

Maciej Lesiak

Imaging analysis

Ziad Ali

Strategic and technical discussion of the LIVE case
Key objectives, strategy, tools and technique
LIVE case procedure
Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Huay Cheem Tan