Looking at the heart and the brain - What is the role of LAA closure?

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LAA Closure
Interventions for Stroke

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  • To discuss the challenges of treating atrial fibrillation patients with previous intracranial bleed
  • To understand the role and functioning of a heart-brain team
  • To showcase the safety of Watchman FLX in specific subsets of patients

Anchorperson: Marek Grygier

Moderator: Livia Gheorghe

Discussants: Xavier Iriart, Jens Erik Nielsen-Kudsk, P. Christian Schulze

Chatmaster: Alexander Sedaghat

Session objectives

Marek Grygier

Case presentation

Livia Gheorghe

The interaction between the heart and the brain

P. Christian Schulze

Discussion and audience interaction
Recorded case from Glenfield Hospital - Leicester, UK

Livia Gheorghe

Discussion and audience interaction
Current existing data, guidelines and running trials vs (N)OAC

Jens Erik Nielsen-Kudsk

The role of CT in imaging, comparison of outcomes using TEE vs CT

Xavier Iriart

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Marek Grygier