Mastering transseptal puncture for mitral interventions

This session has been made available thanks to the in-kind support of Abbott, Alfieri Heart Foundation, Baylis Medical, IMMR, Medtronic, Mentice, Simulands
Mitral valve replacement and repair
Interventions for Valvular Disease

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  • To review the basic knowledge for transseptal puncture for mitral Interventions
  • To train hands-on with simulators on therapy specific TS puncture
  • To prevent and manage complications of transseptal puncture

Facilitators: Eustachio Agricola, Francesco Maisano

Moderator: Pamela Gatto

Physician Trainers: Mara Gavazzoni, Maurizio Taramasso

Discussant: Nicolas Dumonteil

Chatmaster: Nicola Buzzatti

Media Driver / Medical advisor: Matteo Longoni, Davide Schiavi, Francesco Della Rosa