MitraClip Asian experience: clinical evidence and experience in challenging anatomies

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Interventions for Valvular Disease
Mitral valve replacement and repair
Room 253

Anchorperson: Kentaro Hayashida

Spokesperson: Paul Sorajja

Discussants: Xiang Chen, Tao Chen, Masaki Izumo, Shunsuke Kubo

Speakers: Yangxin Chen, Mike Saji, Yongquan Xie, Masanori Yamamoto

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  • To understand the mitral TEER therapy clinical evidence for the Asian population
  • To learn the tips and tricks to implant a MitraClip in a patient with challenging anatomy
  • To learn how the four clip sizes are used to tailor the therapy for optimal clinical outcomes
Session objectives

Kentaro Hayashida

OCEAN-Mitral registry update

Masanori Yamamoto

Discussion and audience interaction
Mitral TEER clinical update in Chinese population

Yongquan Xie

Discussion and audience interaction
Case presentation - Challenging anatomy with small MVA and inadequate TSP height

Mike Saji

Discussion and audience interaction
Case presentation - TEER procedure for a patient with dextrocardia and functional mitral regurgitation

Yangxin Chen

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Kentaro Hayashida