PCI for severe calcified lesions: LIVE case from Clinique Pasteur - Toulouse, France

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  • To learn about the management of calcified lesions
  • To learn about the role of IVUS to optimise final angiographic results

Anchorperson: Farrel Hellig

Moderator: Mohd Ali Rosli

Procedural Analyst: Ashok Seth

Onsite Chatmaster: Ron Waksman

Discussants: Andreas Baumbach, Sasko Kedev, Ran Kornowski, Maciej Lesiak, Marko Noc, Beatriz Vaquerizo

Operators: Bruno Farah, Didier Tchetche

Medical Control Desk: Panagiotis Xaplanteris

Session objectives

Farrel Hellig

Patient presentation

Mohd Ali Rosli

Imaging analysis

Ashok Seth

Strategic and technical discussion of the LIVE case
Key objectives, strategy, tools and technique
LIVE case procedure
Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Farrel Hellig