PCR Tricuspid Focus Group update: present and future of tricuspid regurgitation treatment

Tricuspid / Pulmonary valve
Interventions for Valvular Disease

Join us if you want

  • To be updated about the activities and future plans of the PCR Tricuspid Focus Group
  • To become more familiar with imaging for tricuspid regurgitation classification and patient selection for interventional treatment
  • To participate in a step-by-step overview of a standard tricuspid transcatheter edge-to-edge repair (TEER) procedure

Anchorperson: Jorg Hausleiter

Moderator: Victoria Delgado

Discussants: Volker Rudolph, Maurizio Taramasso

Chatmaster: Mara Gavazzoni

Session objectives

Jorg Hausleiter

Case presentation

Maurizio Taramasso

Evaluation of the patient

Edwin Ho

Discussion and audience interaction
The indication of tricuspid transcatheter edge-to-edge repair

Philipp Lurz

Discussion and audience interaction
Step-by-step TriClip case

Ralph Stephan Von Bardeleben

Discussion and audience interaction
Update on the latest tricuspid edge-to-edge repair data

Mirjam Wild

Discussion and audience interaction
A glimpse into the future of tricuspid regurgitation treatment

Azeem Latib

Session evaluation and key learnings

Jorg Hausleiter