Secondary mitral regurgitation: when and how to treat

Mitral valve replacement and repair
Interventions for Valvular Disease

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  • To reflect on the indication of secondary mitral valve repair
  • To understand mitral valve anatomy through TEE
  • To learn step-by-step the edge-to-edge procedure

Anchorperson: Martine Gilard

Moderator: Fabien Praz

Procedural Analyst: Nicolo Piazza

Discussants: Anna Franzone, Rania Hammami, Thomas Modine, Theresa Mcdonagh

Chatmaster: Edwin Ho

Session objectives

Martine Gilard

Patient presentation

Fabien Praz

LIVE interview - Pre procedural management Heart failure

Theresa Mcdonagh

Discussion and audience interaction
COAPT and MITRA FR at 4 years

Francesco Maisano

Discussion and audience interaction
Imaging analysis

Nicolo Piazza

Virtual LIVE case from Clinique Pasteur, Toulouse, France
Step-by-step discussion on transseptal puncture views

Nicolo Piazza

Questions from the onsite and digital audience
Session evaluation and key learnings

Martine Gilard