Sirolimus coated balloon and coronary artery disease: expanding the treatment indications

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  • To understand how to widen the use of a sirolimus DCB in new and challenging treatment indications
  • To know why sirolimus coated balloon is the ideal choice in native vessel disease treatment through a case presentation
  • To know what the future has in store for sirolimus coated balloon Upcoming studies and rationale for the Food and Drug Administration

Anchorperson: Patrick W. Serruys

Moderator: Azeem Latib

Discussants: Praveen Chandra, Antonio Colombo, Bernardo Cortese, Sameer Dani, Aloke Finn

Chatmaster: Damiano Regazzoli

Session objectives

Patrick W. Serruys

A look at the technology behind the novel sirolimus coated balloon

Aloke Finn

Images of evidence

Antonio Colombo

Recorded case from San Carlo Clinic - Paderno Dugnano, Italy

Bernardo Cortese

Discussion and audience interaction

Aloke Finn

Recorded case from Apollo CVHF Heart Institute - Ahemdabad, India

Sameer Dani

Discussion and audience interaction

Aloke Finn

Session evaluation and key learnings

Patrick W. Serruys