Sirolimus-coated balloon: expanding the scope of indications for complex coronary artery disease treatment

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Coronary Interventions
Stents, scaffolds and DCB
Tools and Technique
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Room 251

Anchorperson: Martin Leon

Spokesperson: Alexandre Abizaid

Discussant: Sameer Dani

Speakers: Sandeep Basavarajaiah, Antonio Colombo, Bernardo Cortese, Aloke Finn, Luca Testa, Marco Valgimigli

Watch this session if you want

  • To get a case based experience on how to use a DCB in complex settings
  • To learn about tips and tricks on how and when to use a DCB: the ideal time and situation of DCB application in various complexities
  • To utilise the hybrid strategy approach Combining DES and DCB when the situation demands
Session objectives

Martin Leon

Sirolimus-coated balloon with Nanolute technology: evidence from the preclinical data

Aloke Finn

Discussion and audience interaction
Expanding the indications of use of a sirolimus-coated balloon

Antonio Colombo

How to perform a successful DCB angioplasty? Tips and Tricks

Sandeep Basavarajaiah

Tackling the complexity by combining DES and DCBs

Luca Testa

Discussion and audience interaction
Recorded case

Marco Valgimigli

Discussion and audience interaction
Angiographic and functional assessment of paclitaxel and sirolimus-DCB: results of PICCOLETO VI study

Bernardo Cortese

Session evaluation and key learnings

Martin Leon