Standardised criteria for stent optimisation in imaging-guided PCI

Coronary Interventions
Focus on Imaging

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  • To revisit existing criteria for standardisation of acute PCI results using intracoronary imaging
  • To understand the relevance of applying relevant criteria for optimisation of acute PCI results using intracoronary imaging
  • To learn how to apply standardise criteria for stent optimisation results based on intracoronary imaging in clinical practice

Anchorperson: Giulio Guagliumi

Moderator: Nicolas Amabile

Procedural Analyst: Tom Johnson

Discussant: Ziad Ali

Chatmaster: Maria Radu

Session objectives

Giulio Guagliumi

Which criteria should I use to optimise stent implantation with intracoronary imaging?

Lorenz Räber

Case example

Paolo Canova

Discussion and audience interaction
Is it worth using imaging to optimise my stents? Show me the data

Jan Kanovsky

Discussion and audience interaction
Practical tips and tricks in image-based stent optimisation

Nieves Gonzalo

Questions from the onsite and digital audience
Session evaluation and key learnings

Nicolas Amabile