Tailored support for complex PCI and AMI with percutaneous mechanical circulatory support

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  • To learn how standard operating procedures including mechanical circulatory support improves outcome in patients with complex coronary lesions
  • To discuss new strategies to overcome ischemic reperfusions injury by using percutaneous mechanical circulatory support
  • To understand the benefits of mechanical circulatory support in AMI patient

Anchorperson: Javier Escaned

Discussants: Florim Cuculi, Norman Mangner

Session objectives

Javier Escaned

Can a standard operating procedure for complex coronary lesions with percutaneous mechanical circulatory support lead to superior patient long-term outcomes?

Norman Mangner

How to prevent ischemic reperfusion injury in AMI with percutaneous mechanical circulatory support?

Florim Cuculi

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Javier Escaned