Targeting inflammation in AMI: a debate

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Room 243

Anchorperson: Roxana Mehran

Discussants: Davide Capodanno, Wouter Jukema

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  • To highlight the role of inflammation in AMI, from atherosclerosis through to post-infarct remodeling
  • To discuss IL-6 as a key component in the risk of future MACE or worsening of cardiac status in patients with AMI
  • To explore the impact and validity of targeting inflammation via IL-6 both in the short and long term
Session objectives

Roxana Mehran

Inflammation in AMI: what do we know?

Roxana Mehran

Is IL-6 a possible target to prevent post-AMI cardiovascular events?

Wouter Jukema

Discussion and audience interaction

Roxana Mehran

Session evaluation and key learnings

Roxana Mehran