TAVI for aortic regurgitation - Addressing an unmet need with the JenaValve Trilogy Heart Valve System

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Interventions for Valvular Disease

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  • To learn about the unmet need in treating aortic regurgitation
  • To discover the performance of the Trilogy System, a new TAVI device for the treatment of aortic regurgitation
  • To discuss the future of TAVI for aortic regurgitation

Anchorperson: Andreas Baumbach

Moderator: Nicolas Van Mieghem

Discussants: Stephan Baldus, Tanja Rudolph, Hendrik Treede

Chatmaster: Matti Adam

Session objectives

Andreas Baumbach

Aortic regurgitation in 2022: where is the unmet need?

Stephan Baldus

Discussion and audience interaction
Off-label TAVI for aortic regurgitation: does it work?

Nicolas Van Mieghem

Discussion and audience interaction
Treating aortic regurgitation with the Trilogy System: an implanter's experience and a look at early data

Tanja Rudolph

Discussion and audience interaction
The future of aortic regurgitation treatment: what's next?

Stephan Baldus

Session evaluation and key learnings

Andreas Baumbach