TAVI best practice: implementing cusp overlap and commissural alignment

This session has been made available thanks to the in-kind support of Abbott, Boston Scientific IMMR and Medtronic
Interventions for Valvular Disease

Join us if you want

  • To understand the technical details of TAVI implant to improve outcomes
  • To learn commissural alignment techniques with different self-expanding platforms
  • To understand the benefit of simulation training to improve outcomes

Facilitators: Nicolas Dumonteil, Francesco Maisano

Moderator: Pamela Gatto

Physician Trainers: Nicola Buzzatti, Francesco Della Rosa

Discussants: Antonio Colombo, Flavio Luciano Ribichini

Chatmaster: Maurizio Taramasso

Media Driver / Medical advisor: Matteo Longoni, Davide Schiavi