TAVI: LIVE case from St Thomas' Hospital - London, United Kingdom

Interventions for Valvular Disease

Anchorperson: Philip Maccarthy

Moderator: Corrado Tamburino

Procedural Analyst: Nicolo Piazza

Onsite Chatmaster: Marco Barbanti

Discussants: Caterina Gandolfo, Marek Grygier, Pedro Lemos, Helge Möllmann, Anna, Sonia Petronio, Olaf Wendler

Operators: Tiffany Patterson, Bernard Prendergast, Simon Redwood

Medical Control Desk: Elad Asher

Session objectives

Philip Maccarthy

Patient presentation

Corrado Tamburino

Imaging analysis

Nicolo Piazza

Strategic and technical discussion of the LIVE case
Key objectives, strategy, tools and technique
LIVE case procedure
Discussion and audience interaction
Presentation of Heart Valve Voice

William Woan

Session evaluation and key learnings

Philip Maccarthy