Valve-in-valve: the journey starts with the first prosthesis

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Interventions for Valvular Disease

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  • To understand the impact of valve-in-valve interventions on lifetime management
  • To learn about particular clinical considerations and the procedural technique of TAVI-in-TAVI procedures
  • To appreciate the potential pitfalls of such procedures and how to mitigate them

Anchorperson: Philip Maccarthy

Moderator: Julia Mascherbauer

Onsite Chatmaster: Hendrik Treede

Discussants: Christian Hengstenberg, Radoslaw Parma, Giuseppe Tarantini

Session objectives

Philip Maccarthy

Valve-in-valve: what does it mean for lifetime management?

Radoslaw Parma

Discussion and audience interaction
TAVI-in-TAVI: what is important?

Giuseppe Tarantini

Discussion and audience interaction
Recorded case from Medical University of Vienna - Vienna, Austria

Christian Hengstenberg

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Philip Maccarthy