What's next in DES technology? Innovative DES platforms combining DES with DCB

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Coronary Interventions

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  • To see how a dual drug delivery from DES and DCB platform enhances treatment in diabetes mellitus patients through case presentations
  • To understand the efficiency of DES and DCB platform under a complex setting in diabetes mellitus patient via case demonstrations
  • To know how a no-polymer DES and DCB platform can fill the gaps of the unmet clinical needs with case presentations

Anchorperson: Roxana Mehran

Moderator: Alexandre Abizaid

Discussants: Rajneesh Kapoor, Marie-Claude Morice, Christoph Naber

Chatmaster: Antonio Mangieri

Speakers: Juan F. Iglesias, Bernhard Reimers

Session objectives

Roxana Mehran

Envisolution presentation and pre-recorded case follow-up Abluminus DES+

Alexandre Abizaid

Discussion and audience interaction
Recorded case from Humanitas Research Hospital - Rozzano, Milan, Italy

Bernhard Reimers

Discussion and audience interaction
Introduction to Nanoactive Technology

Juan F. Iglesias

Recorded case from Geneva University Hospitals - Geneva, Switzerland

Juan F. Iglesias

Discussion and audience interaction
A view to the future: awaiting ABILITY diabetes mellitus results

Roxana Mehran

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Roxana Mehran