Optimising treatment for patients with severe calcified lesions: the role of orbital atherectomy

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Coronary Interventions
Calcified lesions
Other coronary interventions
Tools and Technique
Theatre Bleu

Anchorperson: Emanuele Barbato

Spokesperson: Evald Christiansen

Discussants: Florim Cuculi, Peter O'Kane

Operators: Javier Escaned, Nieves Gonzalo

Medical coordinator: Jeremy Boyer

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  • To learn how to identify calcified lesion in need of plaque modification
  • To learn how to guide lesion treatment with the support of OCT
  • To understand the correct application of orbital atherectomy and to share experience step by step

Emanuele Barbato

Patient presentation

Evald Christiansen

Heart team discussion
Operator strategy

Emanuele Barbato

LIVE Case procedure from Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Madrid - Spain
Key learnings

Emanuele Barbato