Advancements in intracoronary imaging and intervention: unmasking vulnerable plaques and optimising durable PCI outcomes

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Coronary Interventions
Intracoronary imaging
Other coronary interventions
Case in Point
Room 253

Anchorperson: Thomas Keeble

Spokesperson: David Erlinge

Discussants: Klaus Bonaventura, John Davies, Maik Grundeken, Andreas Kalogeropoulos, Nilesh Pareek

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  • To learn how imaging helps unmask and characterise vulnerable plaques
  • To utilise imaging findings for patient risk stratification and tailored interventions
  • To discuss PCI strategy planning, guided by intracoronary imaging
  • To identify high-risk patients to personalise interventional strategy and pharmacotherapy
Session objectives

Thomas Keeble

Clinical evidence of NIRS/IVUS

David Erlinge

How does NIRS/IVUS help with PCI planning

John Davies

Discussion and audience interaction
Calcium - Is it all hard?

Nilesh Pareek

Discussion and audience interaction
Learnings from the DEBUT-LRP study

Maik Grundeken

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Thomas Keeble