From innovation to reality: the impact of Cre8 EVO technology on complex PCI

Sponsored by Alvimedica
Coronary Interventions
Other coronary interventions
Case in Point
Room 252A

Anchorperson: Marco Valgimigli

Discussants: Salvatore Colangelo, Joo-Yong Hahn, Mohd Ali Rosli

Chatmaster: István Ferenc Edes

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  • To highlight today's technical and clinical challenges of complex PCIs in complex patients and evaluate which tools are needed to optimise peri-procedural outcomes and long-term clinical outcomes
  • To find out - through educational clinical cases - how to leverage on accurate evaluation of patient profile, imaging/functional modalities, strategic interventional approach and proper device selection contribute to maximise patient clinical outcome
  • To understand how Cre8 EVO unique technologies and its specific stent design contribute to improve the procedural success and clinical outcome of complex PCIs in complex patients
Session objectives

Marco Valgimigli

Identifying and managing high-risk patients and lesions to prevent adverse events

Marco Valgimigli

PCI case 1 - Complex bifurcation in a complex patient

Joo-Yong Hahn

PCI case 2 - Complex PCI in highly tortuous anatomy

Salvatore Colangelo

PCI case 3 - Complex PCI in a very calcified lesion

Mohd Ali Rosli

Session evaluation and key learnings

Marco Valgimigli