Cracking open the discussion on the clinical experience with intravascular lithotripsy in acute coronary syndromes

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Coronary Interventions
Calcified lesions
Other coronary interventions
Case in Point
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Room 241

Anchorperson: Thomas Johnson

Spokesperson: Mirvat Alasnag

Speakers: Jonathan Hinton, Benjamin Honton, Alfonso Jurado

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  • To understand the best strategies to safely deal with calcium in ACS patients
  • To share clinical experience to uncover practical tips and techniques for intravascular lithotripsy in complex calcified lesions
  • To gain insights from the latest \real world\" intravascular lithotripsy clinical evidence and consider intravascular lithotripsy\'s unique mechanism of action


Session objectives

Thomas Johnson

Are there differential advantages of intravascular lithotripsy in ACS?

Alfonso Jurado

Discussion and audience interaction
Real world case presentation from the LILI registry: proximal left anterior descending artery calcified lesion in NSTEMI

Benjamin Honton

Discussion and audience interaction
Keep it simple and safe in acute coronary syndromes: calcifed nodule case in STEMI

Jonathan Hinton

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Thomas Johnson