The future of STEMI care: a new treatment for bridging the gap from diagnosis to treatment

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Coronary Interventions
Case in Point
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Room 243

Anchorperson: Gilles Montalescot

Spokesperson: Jurrien M. Ten Berg

Discussant: Arnoud van't Hof

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  • To learn about the importance of pre-hospital STEMI diagnosis and treatment
  • To learn about previous facilitated PCI trials in STEMI
  • To learn about potential new agent for the pre-hospital treatment of STEMI
Session objectives

Gilles Montalescot

A clinical case of Zalunfiban use

Jurrien M. Ten Berg

Perspectives on pre-hospital GPI use

Arnoud van't Hof

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Gilles Montalescot