Revisiting thrombus aspiration in STEMI with continuous power aspiration system

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Coronary Interventions
Other coronary interventions
Room 243

Anchorperson: Andrew Sharp

Discussants: Juan F. Iglesias, Irene Lang, Jay Mathews

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  • To learn state of the art, current ESC guidelines and new clinical evidence
  • To learn how to treat high thrombus burden
  • To learn about no reflow and potential mechanisms to prevent and treat this
Session objectives

Andrew Sharp

The route to the current guidelines in coronary thrombus management: TASTE, TAPAS and TOTAL

Irene Lang

Discussion and audience interaction
CHEETAH study outcomes: can this lead to a paradigm shift?

Jay Mathews

Discussion and audience interaction
Clinical case discussion: thrombus removal in patient with high thrombus burden

Juan F. Iglesias

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Andrew Sharp