Restoring vessel physiology drives outcomes - The Bioadaptor experience

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Coronary Interventions
Stents, scaffolds and DCB
Case in Point
Elixir Medical
Room 243

Anchorperson: Flavio Luciano Ribichini

Spokesperson: Johan Bennett

Discussants: Mirvat Alasnag, Michal Hawranek, Ganapathi Palaniappan, Siu Fung Wong

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  • To understand the unique design characteristics of Bioadaptor, the connection between biology of atherosclerosis and restoration of vessel physiology and function
  • To understand existing level of broad clinical experience around the world and how clinical decisions are made
  • To know the patients and lesions that can be safely and effectively treated with Bioadaptor
Session objectives

Flavio Luciano Ribichini

Technology overview

Johan Bennett

Case 1 - Young patient with metabolic disease

Mirvat Alasnag

Discussion and audience interaction
Case 2 - Novel PCI strategy with Bioadaptor in left main bifurcation disease

Siu Fung Wong

Discussion and audience interaction
Case 3 - Revolutionising coronary care: our journey with DynamX Bioadaptor and DCB hybrid approach

Ganapathi Palaniappan

Discussion and audience interaction
Session evaluation and key learnings

Flavio Luciano Ribichini